Wyoming Arts Council

Happy birthday to us

The WAC’s wyomingarts blog turns two on Sunday, March 1.

The first post of 1,863 was on March 1, 2007, about the National Endowment for the Arts‘ $10,000 grant to Young Musicians, Inc., in Evanston. That’s 900-some a year, with posts made every working day and some weekends. Over time, we’ve grown better at this job, especially when it comes to posting photos. Now we just have to figure our videos and podcasts. We’re now on Twitter (see bottom of right sidebar), which gives us yet another e-venue to promote the state’s artists and arts organizations.

The blog has its roots in the weekly Wyolitmail e-mail newsletter I wrote and edited from 1999-2006. Later, my former colleague Liliane Francuz started Artmail for visual artists. We discontinued both of those in late 2006, and replaced them with wyomingarts and a new full-color quarterly print newsletter, Artscapes.

Please e-mail us your news and events listings and photos. We’ll put them on the blog. Often we pick up news from blog posts for Artscapes.

Thanks for joining us on the blogosphere.

—Michael Shay

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