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It's only rock n' roll, but I like it…

Front Row rock and roll classic concert photography by Chris Deutsch is on exhibit from August 3 to August 16 at The Camera Obscura Gallery, 1309 Bannock, in Denver. In “Remember When Rock Was Young,” Deutsch waxes nostalgic on the 1980s, his magazine, Front Row, which he published and wrote for in the mid 80s in Denver, and his own fanship. Now, the photos of the famous rockers and many lesser known performers are a part of the hit-story of the MTV generation. “Each of these photographs captures an element of the rock n’ roll esthetic with such purity and focus…these are pictures of the performers as you remember them, at their peak, showing a youthful side that in many cases has long since faded away,” writes Deutsch. He also describes the equipment he used “back then”: a Nikon FE2 with an MD12 motor drive (essential to fire off as many photos as possible), 36-exposure film (hoping that while he was reloading, that perfect shot wasn’t happening), and an assortment of lenses (he was particularly fond of the 50mm f1.4).

A reception for the artist will be hosted on Friday, August 3, from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. at the gallery.

FMI call (303) 623-4059; FAX at (303) 893-4195; or visit the website at http://www.cameraobscuragallery.com/ or e-mail to info@cameraovscuragallery.com

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