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Julianne Couch has a new publisher for her "Traveling the Power Line" book

Very good news from author Julianne Couch, formerly of Laramie and now an Iowan:

I am pleased to announce that the University of Nebraska press plans to publish Traveling the Power Line: An Electrical Memoir in spring 2013. The book title has changed a bit since I started this project and may still change again if the marketing folks can think of something better. The delay in publication since this project has transferred from Texas Tech press to UNeb has given me the opportunity to update much of my research. I’m currently at work revising and updating my chapter on wind. I learned that there is much more wind development in Wyoming on private land on public. That’s because the regulatory environment on public land(state and federal, such as BLM) is vastly more layered than on private land development. I’ve also revisited the 2009 Harris poll on attitudes toward energy development in the United States. In the 2011 survey, respondents say much the same thing: while only 12 percent of Americans say they are “very knowledgeable” about energy development, 53 percent say they are interested in learning more.I hope a few of those folks are regular readers! I’ll continue to post some of my new findings in this blog. The publication impasse lulled me elsewhere, but I’m back!

The Wyoming Arts Council played a small part in Julianne’s book research, okaying an Individual Artist Professional Development grant to her a few years ago. If you’re a writer, artist or performer requiring some funding for the next step in your career, call Mike Shay at 307-777-5234 at the WAC for more info.

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