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Maggie Simpson's one-woman play on stage at Edinburgh Fringe Festival

The Queen of Wyoming, written and performed by singer/songwriter Maggie Simpson, will be on stage in Edinburgh, Scotland, through Aug. 24 as part of the city’s famous Fringe Festival. Maggie’s a Wyoming native.

Here’s an Aug. 8 review of the play from Jan Fairley in The Scotsman newspaper:

Maggie Simpson is a Simpson of Wyoming (not Springfield), a family that has produced a long line of state governors. In this one-woman show, in a novel venue created out of luxury Portakabins, she tells the story of her life so far.

Her raison d’être was to be her family’s Little Miss Sunshine and the effort fractured her very being. The strength of her play is that, without cliché or histrionics, she brings to life extremely dark experiences with wit, humour and wisdom.

A singer-songwriter with a voice that recalls both Joni Mitchell and Joan Baez, Simpson impresses as an actress too. It’s a cathartic piece, full of irony, revealing the inner fragility of people who try so hard to become what they think others want them to be that they annihilate themselves.

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