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Meetings being held for comments on Wyoming Tourism Master Plan

From a press release:

Beginning in 2007 with Project Front Door, Wyoming Travel & Tourism (WTT) embarked on a process that would ultimately lead into a Wyoming Tourism Master Plan. We are pleased that we are moving forward through partnerships with Wyoming Game and Fish and Wyoming State Parks and Cultural Resources. An aggressive timeline has been established to have this plan ready to go by the end of this year.

All three agencies see the critical need at this time to design, facilitate, develop and produce a Wyoming Tourism Master Plan (including wildlife, outdoor recreation and cultural resources) to make sure that we are working together for the benefit of our industry and the people of Wyoming.

The purpose of a Master Plan is to present a comprehensive view of Wyoming’s collective tourism products and projects, both man-made and natural, and will include all state, federal, local, private and/or non-profit initiatives. It will also provide a regional and statewide perspective of existing and planned projects. It will substantiate the resources required to develop and market Wyoming’s collective tourism assets. And most importantly, it should set a vision and strategy for Wyoming’s tourism growth through 2020.

The goal of the Tourism Master Plan is:
• To confirm the significance of the tourism industry to Wyoming’s economy;
• To identify a vision and direction for the public and private sectors in marketing and development for the next ten (10) years;
• To assess and define the product development needs of Wyoming, its travel attractions, services, facilities and transportation system;
• To define the roles and responsibilities of the public and private sectors as it relates to the growth and development of Wyoming’s tourism industry;
• To develop an evaluation mechanism to ensure the most effective use of State Resources for tourism;
• To define a comprehensive implementation strategy for tourism growth based on economic research and data.

Wyoming’s tourism industry, either collectively or together, will be able to utilize the ten (10) year Tourism Master Plan:
• As a management tool to prioritize the use of resources to achieve general and specific goals established through the strategic planning process;
• As a means by which to identify tourism industry actions and activities that can benefit Wyoming’s economy and social well being;
• As a means by which to identify critical issues or areas of concern regarding tourism in Wyoming or the activities and actions of Wyoming’s tourism industry;
• As a means by which to identify growth and expansion opportunities for Wyoming’s tourism industry;
• As a means by which to identify opportunities for tourism industry partnerships;
• As an information resource in conducting its individual agency, business or organization planning processes and operations;
• As an ongoing information resource regarding the current and evolving operating environment for tourism in Wyoming;
• As a resource for economic research and data, and a directory of information sources for current tourism related forecasts and trend analysis.

A number of firms were interviewed and our agencies collectively have selected Hank Todd with Hank Todd Solutions Group to develop the plan. Hank is a 35+ year travel industry veteran from both the public and private sectors and he and his team have worked with destinations around the world in strategic planning, industry facilitation/participation, Master Plan development and industry development. We are very pleased to have them as part of our team.

The process will include one on one interview(s) with key stakeholders, focus groups, segmented e-surveys and regional meetings. The regional meetings, scheduled for May, are open to the public and will take place from 10 a.m.-3 p.m. and include a working lunch. Please RSVP with Vicki Morris (Vicki.morris@visitwyo.gov or 307-777-2828) if you plan to attend one of the meetings.

May 3, Cody, Buffalo Bill Historical Center, 720 Sheridan Ave.
May 4, Riverton, Sundowner Station, 1616 Federal Blvd.
May 5, Jackson, Teton Science Building, 700 Coyote Canyon Rd.
May 6, Rock Springs, BLM Field Office, 280 N. Hwy 191
May 19, Laramie, Hilton Garden Inn, 2229 Grand Ave.
May 20, Douglas, Eastern Wyoming College, 203 N. 6th St.
May 21, Gillette, Campbell County Rec Center, 250 Shoshone Ave.

The process will review and develop “Best Practices,” provide detailed analysis and recommendations, as well as, plan measurements with the final Master Plan being completed in December.

Much more about this effort will be broadcast via newspapers, radio stations, email and dedicated website. To find out more and to participate in this process, please go to http://www.projectfrontdoor.com/. There you will be able to make comments directly into the process find out about participating in e-surveys and get details on the Master Plan process and outcomes.

This is an opportunity for all of us in the industry to help guide the direction we need to take over the next ten years and strengthen our relationships with all our partners at the national, state and local level.

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