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Michael Flicek's Casper exhibit tells "stories of imagery"

From a press release from The Corridor Gallery in Casper:

The Corridor Gallery, 120 E. 2nd St., Casper, proudly announces “Short Photography Stories,” a solo photography exhibit and book release for Casper artist Michael Flicek.

Flicek is an award-winning photographer and active member of The Corridor Gallery debuting all new work on Friday, October 18. Four of the photographic works have never been seen in any form by the public. Books will be available for sale showcasing the images as well as prints of the images. Showing only for three days, “Short Photography Stories” will be kicked off by an opening reception on Friday, October 18 at 7 p.m. and showing through Sunday, October 20.

Flicek’s work is based much upon the inspiration of traveling. Meticulously captured images engulf the viewer narrating complex stories of “other places.” You are invited to attend the show and be transported by the stories of imagery.

A foreword excerpt from Flicek’s “Short Photography Stories”

I continue to seek out travel experiences on a regular basis and it is while traveling that I search for smaller photographic projects that capture the emotions and an essence of the times and places. These smaller, more cohesive photography projects are bound together by more concise themes related to the time and place. While there are no rules, these projects tend to consist of eight to more than twenty photographs. I see these projects as short photography stories. To stretch the analogy with literature a bit further, these short photography stories tend to fall along a continuum from poetic to narrative … from primarily evoking contemplation or emotion to the telling of a story. The four larger themes sometimes intermingle within a particular short photography story. For this compilation I have confined each of the eight short photography stories to eight photographs. Many of these short stories were condensed from larger stories that contain more than eight photographs. Each story is introduced by a brief artist statement.

For more information, please contact The Corridor Gallery at 307-333-7035 or visit www.thecorridorgallery.com. Michael Flicek: mflicek@michaelflicekgallery.com307-259-3963

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