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New WAC roster artist Chuck Larsen

Cowboy poet Chuck Larsen realized he loved the horse and cow lifestyle after growing up on his Dad’s place in South Dakota, “doing it all” when it came to working livestock. He began writing and performing in 1990, and has since performed at some of the most well known gatherings in Elko, Denver and Valentine, Nebraska. One of the founding committee members for the Grand Encampment Cowboy Gathering in Wyoming, he has been master of ceremonies every year since its inception six years ago. In school workshops, Chuck entertains students first, then encourages and helps them work with words and phrases to write and present their own poetry. Go to www.cowboypoetry.com/chucklarsen.htm#Poems to read more of Chuck’s poetry.

Blue Cowboy Moon by Chuck Larsen

Out there, darkness and moonlight intertwine.
Somewhere an old coyote howls and yips.
Layin’ back I take a drink of the night,
Savor its bouquet, drinkin’ in sips.

I silently toast all comrades,
Those with “Cowboy” in their soul.
Coyote cousins with the moon
Beckoned by a spur rowels toll.

Tonight I am back amongst the cattle,
Layin’ back a bedroll for my bed.
Stretched out on grass and earth,
A million stars twinklin’ over head.

Bone weary, sleep should come easy,
But I lay awake all open eyed.
In the moonlight the horses stand,
While moonbeams dance on shinin’ hide.

I have come to do some searchin’,
Call it a lackin’ or call it a need.
To regain a life lost within me,
Where it lays dormant like a seed.

A sense of belongin’ is buried deep,
Out here where lonely coyotes croon.
I only cowboy now when I can,
Every once in a blue moon.

The cook fire has long gone out,
The other boys lie around sleepin’.
Only the old man in the moon,
Knows the thoughts that I’ve been keepin’.

See I’m livin’ the other life,
And I’ve given alot of given.
Oh it’s true that I’m not dyin’,
But it’s true that I’m not livin’.

I’m a child of the horse and saddle,
Born to work this life I miss.
Birth rights to sun, grass and dirt,
Born to embrace the winds harsh kiss.

Tonight you’ll find me amongst the cattle,
Thankful for a coyotes lonely tune.
Like me he gets drunk on the night,
Every once in a “Blue Moon.”

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