Wyoming Arts Council

Nita Kehoe reveals "hidden parts of the human form" at LCCC Gallery exhibit

“Melancholic Gallbladder” by Nita Kehoe, Riverton

A reception for the exhibit of work by Nita Kehoe, “Blended Essentials,” will be held on Tuesday, March 3, noon, in the Esther and John Clay Fine Arts Gallery at Laramie County Community College in Cheyenne. Free and open to the public.

Kehoe teaches art at Central Wyoming College in Riverton.

From LCCC: “Using a variety of materials, Nita Kehoe creates forms that beautify parts of the human body that society may consider ugly and puts them in a different light.”

Artist statement from Nita Kehoe’s web site:

I have always been interested in the human form and how the definition of its beauty changes with culture and time. In an effort to try to be beautiful, most of us hide the “imperfections” that we have. Since the beginning of time man has focused ridicule on these imperfections in the form of superstitions. Once such example is that the physically deformed were said to be cursed and had the ability to give the evil eye. I believe that we should reveal and embrace these wrinkles, rolls of fat, scars, etc. in a celebration of our uniqueness. This body of work is the result of research into superstitions, curses, and blessings from all over the world along with my continued research into the human form via historical anatomical illustrations. Using a variety of materials I try to create forms that beautify what society considers ugly and push into the light what is usually hidden.

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