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“Of, Above and From: Art of the Earth” exhibit at Laramie County Library

Edington_Summer's End_web

Vanda Edington, “Summer’s End”


Georgia Rowswell, “Empty Spaces- Discovering the Fullness of the West – Burns, WY,” 24″ x 24″, Mixed Media

Info from the Laramie County Public Library:

In conjunction with Summer Reading Celebration, the largest event at the library each year, Laramie County Public Library is hosting an art exhibition entitled “Of, Above and From: Art of the Earth” through August 14. Laramie County Library is located at 2200 Pioneer Avenue, Cheyenne.

The concept on which the exhibition is based is in conjunction with the library’s “Dig In” theme for Summer Reading Celebration. All art is related to the earth– of the earth (clay), above the earth (topography) and from the earth (garden plants). Connie Norman’s work is created of earthenware clay; Georgia Rowswell’s work is mixed media topography; and Vanda Edington’s work is garden pastels. All three artists are award-winning and have been widely recognized in the area.

The exhibition also features Connie Norman’s 7th and 8th students’ clay art work on the 2nd floor of the library.

“Meet the Artists” will be held on Tuesday, June 11, at 7pm in the Willow Room, first floor. Meet the artists and Norman’s 7th and 8th grade students. Enjoy refreshments, learn about the artists’ work and processes and participate in some Q&A.

For more information contact Jennifer Rife, Design & Humanities Coordinator, jrife@lclsonline.org phone 307.773.7218.

Artists’ statements:

Vanda Edington: “Creating a visual image, a communication that evokes positive emotion – first for me and then others – is what art means to me. It is the personal expression of fleeting thought, whimsy, a smile, a beautiful day.”

Connie Norman: Norman’s current works deals with the inner dialogue that she constantly has with herself. The vessels are inspired by stories from her life, snippets of conversation, and memories that she repeats in her head over and over again. She is fascinated by the rhythmic qualities created by color, texture, and patterns. Decoration and the act of decorating are essential because it celebrates and enhances form and speaks purely of aesthetics.

Georgia Rowswell: “Art is the language I use to translate the world around me. Unusual materials and combinations with a heavy emphasis on pattern, color and texture are my words. My goal is to present work that inspires an interesting and lively conversation.”

Cover Photo: Connie Norman, “Birds”

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