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Ozy Theater makes promises it can’t keep for April 30 improv show at the Atlas in Cheyenne

Found this announcement on Facebook. Since the event is coming us soon, and it involves comedy and raises funds for the local community theatre, we’re sharing it. Please come out to the Atlas and give these poor souls some appreciation:

Hello Ozy-maniacs!

Your friends at Ozymandian Theater are back with a ONE NIGHT ONLY improv show that is promised to change your entire life! By simply attending our improv show you will become a brand new person.

Here is a small list of just a few of the positive side effects you will benefit from by just coming to the show:

**Become better looking!

Earn the respect of your peers!

Have a very healthy bank account!

Be able to run faster than a train!

Understand the mysteries of the universe! (like Charlie Sheen and Unicorns)

Speak Russian!

Have a new appreciation for ballet!


Be able to explain why people are so excited about Motley Crue!

Suddenly be well versed in the language of love!

And Much Much More!**

**(Our lawyers have advised us to let you know that none of these side-effects will happen by attending our show. you would probably have to be bitten by a radioactive spider and attend LCCC to make these happen)

Become the incredible person you were born to become! Come to our show! Here are the details:

Ozymandian Theater’s Spring Improv Show Of Doom and/or Destruction. April 30th @ The Historic Atlas Theatre (211 w 16th st). Show Starts @ 7:30 (doors open @ 7:00). Tickets cost $8 for adults and $5 for students. As always our show is rated PG-13!! For more info please visit www.ozytheater.com/

Ozymandian Theatre is excited to announce that we will be welcoming the East High Improv Group on stage with us during the show! This is the second year we will have performed with them and it is going to be awesome to see the “new talent” here in
Bring your friends!! The proceeds benefit The Cheyenne Little Theatre!

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