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PBS begins their fourth season of art:21

Contemporary art is the art of today. It is relevant to all audiences, providing teachers and students with a rich resource through which to consider current ideas and rethink the familiar. Contemporary artists work in globally influenced, culturally diverse and technologically dynamic milieus. In the U. S., as elsewhere, contemporary artists reflect a varied and changing landscape of identity, values, and beliefs. The artists featured in the Art:21–Art in the Twenty-First Century series demonstrate the breadth of artistic practice across the country and reveal a wealth of intergenerational and multicultural talent. Their art is a dynamic collection of materials, methods, and subject matters that provoke curiosity, dialogue, and debate. The series presents artists speaking directly to the audience and encourages viewers to find their own innate abilities to engage contemporary art and explore creative thinking and self-expression. Each one-hour program has been loosely organized around a broad category or theme — Protest, Paradox, Romance or Ecology — that can help audiences analyze, compare, contrast, and juxtapose the artists profiled.

Premiering Fall, 2007. Check local TV listings for dates and times. FMI go to www.pbs.org/art21 or www.art21.org

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