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Photo of the week: Russell Schnitzer

“Dusk: Pronghorn,” Russell Schnitzer

Wyoming photographer Russell Schnitzer shoots fantastic photos and writes essays to accompany them. In his Sept. 25 blog post, he anticipates the hunting season:

…In addition to its well-regarded palette of colors, autumn brings salmon up the rivers of their origin, calls elk and deer down from the high country, beckons homeowners out to split and stack firewood for the months ahead, and compels gardeners to put up harvest’s fruits.

For many, though, the shortening of days shifts attention wholly to hunting. It has been this way for me since my youth. Then, as now, I savored long weekend walks through golden aspens awaiting the heart-stopping clamor of ruffed grouse taking flight, and spent sleepless nights in advance of the opening of deer season. That particular light, the woody scents and that special feeling that accompanies a meal of game after a long day afield… The reasons for sentiment have only sharpened over the years.

Read the rest (and view more of Russell’s photos) at http://schnitzerphoto.blogspot.com/

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