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Picasso’s etchings at NMWA this summer

From an NMWA press release:

Pablo Picasso’s etchings will grace the walls of the National Museum of Wildlife Art in Jackson Hole in an exhibition called “Picasso’s Park: Modernism Meets Natural History” on view from June 7-October 19.

Pablo Picasso’s experimentation with form, line, color, and structure in the context of the animal as subject is chronicled in “Picasso’s Park: Modernism Meets Natural History.” The exhibition is a rare opportunity to see all 31 etchings Picasso created for a 1941 edition of Comte de Buffon’s Natural History [L’historie Naturelle]. First published in 1741 and comprised of 36 volumes, Natural History was the most authoritative work chronicling the natural world at that time. That Picasso was tapped to provide etchings for the bicentennial edition of the book is a wonderful “illustration” of the continuing importance of the arts in describing how man relates to nature. Not one to adhere to convention, Picasso illustrated lobsters, spiders, and frogs in addition to the more classic deer, lions, and hawks.

The exciting exhibition is a wonderful opportunity to learn about Picasso’s influence on the world of modern art. In addition to the images in the exhibit, the Museum includes interpretive text and a number of events ranging from children’s art making classes to gallery theatre to further explore Picasso’s work and methods.

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