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Pinedale artist Sue Sommers part of "Jentel Presents" Feb. 1 at SAGE Space in Sheridan

“Jentel Presents” will take place Tuesday, February 1, from 5:30-7 p.m. at SAGE Space, in Sheridan’s Historic Train Depot, 5th and Broadway, across from The Sheridan Inn. Presenters include a fiction writer, a mixed media painter, a self-portrait painter, a short story writer, an acrylic painter, and an installation artist. “Jentel Presents” is a community outreach program that features visual presentations and readings by the visual artists and writers at the residency.

Presenters include: Jane Kim, a New York fiction writer; Jane enjoys most movies, but she loves movies where characters do nothing but walk. Dustin London, a Brooklyn mixed media painter; Dustin grew up on a dead end road in the woods of Michigan. That landscape has molded his entire life and outlook. Amy MacLennan, a Germantown Hills, IL, self-portrait painter; Amy, thankfully, was pretty much ignored as a child, freeing her up to figure things out on her own. She’s still working on it. Beth Nelson, a Centennial, CO, short story writer; Beth has fostered a child, trekked in Nepal, curated a gallery and lived in Saudi Arabia. She supports fine art photography by volunteering at Camera Obscura Gallery. Sue Sommers, a Pinedale, WY, acrylic painter; Sue is committed to living in Wyoming and to maintaining a professional contemporary visual art practice. To succeed though, her work must circulate outside Wyoming.

Jim Zeske, a Hanover Township, PA, installation artist; Jim is always busy exploring new places and meeting new people. He gets involved in as many things as he can to both educate and learn.

Photo: Back Row – L to R: City Park Buffalo, Jane Kim, Amy MacLennan, Dustin London, Beth Nelson, Jim Zeske. Front Row – Sue Sommers

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