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Proulx stories yield taste treats

This item about Wyoming writer Annie Proulx comes from Jenny Shank, New West book editor:

Rocky Mountain News Book Editor Patti Thorn and Food Editor Marty Meitus team up on occasion to offer a book club suggestion complete with menu and questions for discussion. Yesterday they featured Annie Proulx’s Close Range: Wyoming Stories. For the menu, they consulted with the chef at The Fort, who offered recipes for “Triple-Cherry Cast Iron Cobbler” and “Buffalo Drive Burgers” to go with Proulx’s fiction. Thorn noted a few of the food-based passages from Proulx’s stories. I don’t remember Proulx often depicting what her characters eat; a passage like this one from her story “The Half-Skinned Steer” springs more quickly to mind: “So what then, Rollo said, picking at the horse manure under his boot heel.”

I don’t remember too many food scenes from Close Range. Lot of drinking going on, so maybe a few drink recipes are needed to accompany “Buffalo Drive Burgers.”

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