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Teton County: "These are the people in your neighborhood"

CALLING ALL ARTISTS: Would you like to participate in a group show during Jackson’s Fall Arts Festival?

THESE ARE THE PEOPLE IN YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD! is a show curated by Christian Burch in collaboration with Bland Hoke and the Center of Wonder in Wilson. It’s an art event that celebrates being local, by showcasing art created by local talent with sales to benefit local non-profits during Old Bills Fun Run and the Fall Arts Festival.

The show culminates in a cocktail party and silent auction during Palates and Palettes on Friday, Sept. 11. Painted figures will mingle with residents and tourists, encouraging dialog and interaction amongst everyone. Partygoers are encouraged to reveal a little something about themselves through their attire, and perhaps one might share a little-known fact on the revealing wall.

The figures will be silently auctioned. Participating artists agree to donate 50-100% of proceeds from the silent auction of their figure to a local non-profit of your choice. A fun way to participate in Old Bills and a great way to put your talent on display during the Fall Arts Festival.

FIGURES ARE STILL AVAILABLE: If you would like to participate, you will be provided a life-size plywood cutout, and the twist is to portray two sides of your subject: One we are all familiar with and on the flip-side- the hilarious, extravagantly dressed personality we don’t know! (while keeping it family-friendly). Select a “local” character from the list provided, or you can suggest your own.

Supported in part by a grant from the Wyoming Arts Council through funding from the Wyoming State Legislature and the National Endowment for the Arts.

There is a sign-out sheet — please confirm the figure you take in 2 ways.
Please put your name next to the person you are going to paint.
E-mail us your selection — especially if you are suggesting someone not on the list — we want to avoid duplicates.

A few of the “figures” are labeled because they have been checked out already. If you need special arrangements for picking up, please let us know.

Figures are due by August 28. Please deliver to the Lyndsay McCandless Gallery in Jackson.

FMI: 307-734-0570.

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