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Voices of Freedom/Faces of Freedom features community portraits at July 4's Music in the Hole

Roseneide G, Providencia, Brazil

Tedx Jackson Hole has joined the global art project initiated by TEDPrize winner, the

French street

artist and photographer JR, and you are invited to be part of the fun! In partnership with the Grand Teton Music Festival and the Wyoming Humanities Council we have launched Voices of Freedom/Faces of Freedom.

There are three elements:

1. During GTMF’s Music in the Hole Celebration on the Fourth of July, personal statements about the meaning of Freedom will be incorporated into one of the pieces of music

2. A large photo installation featuring poster-size portraits of the will be exhibited (location TBD) outside as a public art installation during July

3. Photos and personal statements will be uploaded as part of TED Prize-winner JR’s Global “Inside Out” art project. Check out www.insideoutproject.net to browse what has already been uploaded and see for yourself what we have in mind!

You can participate in any and all of this. We would like at least 100 and would welcome 1,000! Here is what you would need to do:

Answer the question “What does Freedom mean to you?” Define it any way you wish—it is a big notion—and send it to us. We will arrange to take your portrait and will take care of the rest. We will have a photo booth at Music in the Hole in partnership with the Wyoming Humanities Council’s “Rumination Wheel,” as well.

Please pass this on to anyone you think might be interested. If you are involved with a group or organization that would like to participate en masse, that is welcomed, too!

FMI: lisa@jacksonholefilmfest.org,juliekling@gmail.com, shelly@gtmf.org, or emydigrappa@gmail.com

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