Wyoming Arts Council

Community Support Grant

This grant is specifically designed for project and/or operational support for organizations that provide services to their community through the arts.  It is a competitive grant, and most funded grants receive “formula funding” based on the score of the grants during the panel process, and then approval by the Wyoming Arts Council Board and Executive Director. An organization is eligible to receive up to $20,000 in this grant category. Please note individual artists cannot apply for this grant.

Funding amounts available in this grant category will provide support for the following: 

  • Operating and Project Support (up to $12,000) – amount cannot exceed $12,000 or 30% of overall operating expenses 
  • Arts education activities (up to $5,000) –  amount cannot exceed $5,000 or 30% of overall arts education expenses 
  • Professional development (up to $1,000)
  • Outreach to rural communities (up to $1,000)
  • Programs involving folk artists (up to $1,000) 

Organizations may apply for one or all five components of this grant. 

  • Application available: February 1 all projects must take place July 1 – June 30.
  • Final application deadline: April 1 
  • Review application deadline: March 1 this deadline is only available to applicants who did not receive a Community Support Grant from the previous year. 

Complete applications must be submitted for the Arts Council staff to review. If staff have suggestions to make the application stronger before it goes to panel for review, they will return the application to the Grant Seeker one time to allow them to make revisions, if they choose. Returned applications must be re-submitted within 7 calendar days, and will be sent directly to panel for review (staff will not review them a second time). If staff does not have suggestions to make the application stronger before it goes to panel for review, they will return it to the Grant Seeker for revisions. 

FY 21 Grant application available 2/1/20

FY20 CSG Award Timeline


To apply for a new grant, revise an existing grant that has been returned, or access a final report, you must click on the correct link below to ensure you are redirected to the correct document.  Double check to make sure that the dates of your project correspond to the link you click on.

  • Click here to access your final report for projects that took place from  7/1/19 – 6/30/20
  • Click here to access your final report for projects that took place from 7/1/18 – 6/30/19


For more information about the Community Support Grant, please contact the Arts Council at 307-630-3918 or email tyler.cessor@wyo.gov.