Wyoming Arts Council

Community Support Grant


Grantees who were not approved for FY 2017 funding were notified via email on 6/16/16.  Grantees who were approved for FY 2017 funding were notified via email on 6/22/16.

This grant is specifically designed for project and/or operational support for organizations that provide services to their community through the arts.

  • This grant category replaces the former Operating Support, Grant to Organizations, Arts Projects, and Arts Education grant programs.
  • An organization is eligible to receive up to $23,000 in this grant category.
  • Funding amounts available in this grant category will provide support for the following:
    • Operating and Project Support (up to $13,250)
    • Arts education activities (up to $7,000)
    • Professional development (up to $750)
    • Programs involving folk artists (up to $1,000)
    • Outreach to rural communities (up to $1,000) 
  • Organizations may apply for one, two or all five components of this grant.
  • Application Available: 2/1/16 for programs taking place 7/1/16 – 6/30/17.
  • Draft Deadline: 3/15/16.
    • Applications can be submitted up to 11:59 pm on 3/15/16.
    • Applications submitted by the Draft Deadline should be complete/ready to go to panel.  
    • These applications have met the grant deadline, so they will not need to be re-submitted by the Final Deadline date of 4/1/16.
    • WAC Staff will review applications submitted by the Draft Deadline date, and then will return the application back to the Grant Contact if they feel revisions could make the application stronger before it goes to panel.  
    • If WAC Staff feel the application is complete as submitted, they will not return it back to the Grant Contact for revisions.
    • The Grant Contact should review WAC Staff comments, and then decide if they wish to make  any of the suggested revisions to their application before they resubmit it the second time. 
    • WAC Staff will be busy reviewing all of the incoming Community Support Grant applications in March-April, so Grant Contacts who submitted their applications by the Draft Deadline and received revision suggestions are asked to keep additional follow-up questions to a minimum, to allow WAC Staff sufficient time to review the remaining applications.
    • Applications that are returned back to the Grant Contact to allow them to make revisions must be re-submitted within 7 days. 
    • Revised applications that are resubmitted will not be reviewed a second time by WAC staff before they are sent to panel for review.
  • Final Deadline: 4/1/16.  Applications that were not submitted by the Draft Deadline can be submitted up to 11:59 pm on 4/1/16.
  • Match Requirements:  WAC grant can pay for up to 30% of operating/project support expenses, not to exceed $13,250, and up to 30% of arts education expenses, not to exceed $7,000.
  • This is a competitive grant category. Organizations with operating budgets over $1 million will be reviewed separately from those with operating budgets under $1 million.

Please click below for narrative questions and evaluation criteria.

Community Support Grant Program Evaluation Criteria

Grant Information

Deadline: Draft Deadline March 15, Deadline April 1
Amount: Up to $23,000
Match Requirements: WAC grant can pay for up to 30% of operating/project support expenses, not to exceed $13,250, and up to 30% of arts education expenses, not to exceed $7,000.
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