Wyoming Arts Council

Americans for the Arts State Policy Pilot Program

Formally launched in August 2014 at the National Conference of State Legislatures’ Legislative Summit, Americans for the Arts’ State Policy Pilot Program, also known as SP3, includes ten state teams seeking to strengthen arts education by advancing state policy. Wyoming is excited to be part of this new endeavor.

Americans for the Arts will support each state team with customized coaching, technical assistance throughout the three year pilot, via web-based tools and site visits and provide grants of at least $30,000 to each state effort, making this the largest arts education advocacy grant program in the country. Through the three year engagement, each state team will work towards specific objectives, resources and outcomes that they seek to impact. With issues ranging from teacher effectiveness and high school graduation requirements to Title I funding and equitable implementation of state policies, the ten states are tackling complicated education policy topics. Participating states vary greatly in size, political landscape, geography, population size, demographics, and arts education conditions. The ten state teams will convene twice per year at national meetings for arts education partners, such as National Assembly of State Arts Agencies, Arts Education Partnership and State Arts Action Networks, and others.


State Team                                     Leader                                                        Organization

Arizona                                 Lynn Tuttle                                Arizona Department of Education

Arkansas                             Bill Mitchell                                 MitchellWorks

California                             Joe Landon                                 California Alliance for Arts Education

Massachusetts                   Jonathan Rappaport                   Arts Learning, Inc.

Michigan                             Sarah Triplett                               ArtServe Michigan

Minnesota                           Pam Paulson                                Perpich Center for Arts Education

New Jersey                          Bob Morrison                              New Jersey Arts Education Partnership

North Carolina                      Vicki Vitiello                                North Carolina Arts Council

Oklahoma                             Amber Sharples                          Oklahoma Arts Council

Wyoming                               Katie Christensen                      Wyoming Arts Council


Our state team includes representatives from the Wyoming Arts Council, Wyoming Arts Alliance and the Wyoming Department of Education. Through combining our resources, from grassroots tools to technology and gatherings, we hope to assess the current state of arts education in Wyoming through data collection, gain a better understanding of current policy implementation, and create a plan for the future that helps ensure all students in Wyoming have equal access to a quality education in and through the arts.

SP3 Strategy 1

SP3 Strategy 2

SP3 Strategy 3

Shared Endeavor


For questions contact any of our state team members:

Wyoming Arts Council, ph: 307-777-7742

Karmen Rossi, Wyoming Arts Alliance, ph: 307-221-0318 or karmen.rossi@wyomingarts.org

Catherine Reeves, Wyoming Department of Education, ph: 307-777-8595, catherine.reeves@wyo.gov