Wyoming Arts Council

Performing Arts

The Wyoming Arts Council aims to provide programs and services for Wyoming’s performing artists and groups, including dancers and choreographers, actors, musicians, technical theater professionals, and the studios, theaters, fairs and festivals that work to support those individuals. Performing artists, groups, and organizations are encouraged to create a public profile on the new Wyoming Artists & Venues Directory to share information about their work.

The Wyoming Independent Music Initiative (WIMI) is a pilot program of the Wyoming Arts Council and was launched in early spring 2016 to strengthen the independent music scene in Wyoming. A variety of programs are being developed under the initiative to strengthen musicians and their art form, to encourage and support venues to host live music, and to develop and nurture community relations. WIMI hopes to use music as a driver for community development, social cohesion, and creating healthy and livable communities in Wyoming all while building and supporting our own talent and venues. To be a part of WIMI or to learn more, please contact the Taylor Craig at 307-274-6673 or taylor.craig@wyo.gov.

The Arts Council also partners with the Wyoming Arts Alliance (WyAA). WyAA is the statewide arts advocacy group supporting advancement of the arts in Wyoming through lobbying, programming and partnerships with the Wyoming Arts Council. Annually, WyAA provides programming to support performing arts. Please visit the WyAA website to learn more.

Contact: Taylor Craig