Wyoming Arts Council

Wyoming Independent Music Initiative

The Wyoming Independent Music Initiative (WIMI) works to nurture Wyoming musicians and their talent. A variety of programs are being developed under the initiative to strengthen the independent music scene in Wyoming, to encourage and support venues to host live music, and to drive community development, social cohesion, and livability.

WIMI Programs

Underground Music Showcase Opportunity

5 Wyoming Music Ambassadors to perform at the 2024 summer music festival in July in Denver, Colorado. Learn more about this opportunity here.


Wyoming Road Trip Playlist 

An annual summer release representing some of the best the Wyoming independent music scene has to offer. Learn more about our Wyoming Road Trip Playlist here. 


Performing & Touring in Wyoming and Beyond

Through local and regional partnerships, we work to provide performance and touring opportunities to the finest in Wyoming talent. Learn more here. 


Wyoming Musician Resources 

From grants and financial support to educational programs and networking events, we strive to foster a supportive ecosystem for its thriving music community. Click here to delve deeper into these opportunities and discover the full spectrum of resources available

Contact: Kimberly Mittelstadt