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"Writing & Riding" this summer with Page

Page Lambert, formerly of Sundance, Wyo., has planned some great writing retreats for 2009. She also has a revamped web site, where you can find all sorts of info like this about the “Writing & the Landscape of the Horse” retreat this summer at the Vee Bar Ranch near Laramie:

Crazy about Writing? Wild about Horses? Come explore both passions in Wyoming with us!

As we learn more about how a horse communicates with the world, we develop a deeper awareness of how we communicate with the world. During this retreat, not only will we ride across the Vee Bar’s beautiful Wyoming landscape, we’ll also journey into the mysterious dimension between the verbal world and the non-verbal world.

This retreat isn’t just about riding horses, and it isn’t just for women. For five days, we will write about, read about, and be about horses.

As writers, we reach out to others through the written word. Yet often our work lacks the energy and vitality necessary to engage the reader. We often fail to trust our instincts when telling a story. A horse is an instinctive animal, and the relationship between horse and human requires an abiding trust and understanding of these instincts. Humans, too, are instinctive creatures. Yet our instincts can easily become subverted by the modern technical world in which we live. It is my hope that by being fully engaged in the immediate, vital, and natural world of the horse, we will reawaken our own lust for life. This renewed passion will fuel our writing because it will strengthen the bond that connects us to the natural world.

All levels of riding and writing experience welcome.

SIGN UP HERE. Or call Page at 303-842-7360.

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