Wyoming Arts Council

Wyoming legislature commissions art work

Professional artists with experience in commissioned portrait work are invited by the Wyoming Legislature to apply to paint up to five portraits of Wyoming Governors for display in the State Capitol. The criteria for the commission require that the portraits be in harmony with the Capitol’s dignified surroundings.

The portraits are to be ¾ standing or sitting, and done in oil paints. The portraits are to measure approximately 44” x 36”, and completed with competence and accomplished artists merit. The State Legislature has allocated a $10,000 commission for each portrait. A state contracted framer will provide framing of the portraits.

The applications will be reviewed by a selection committee made up of a representative from the current First Family, a Legislative Facilities Committee member, a State Museum curator, a conservator and former first family representatives. The committee is looking for artists that are accomplished in portraiture, have demonstrated qualifications and experience, ability to complete the project within the time frame and budget and have the ability to communicate effectively with the committee.

The application deadline is June 20. The committee will announce their selection in July. Artists living in Wyoming, Colorado, Montana, Idaho, Utah, New Mexico, Nevada, Arizona, Oregon and Washington are eligible to apply. Applications are available from the Wyoming Department of State Parks and Cultural Resources by calling 307-777-7677, or by visiting www.artsparkshistory.com

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