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Wyoming Meth Project Launches 2015 “Take a Stand Against Meth” Art Contest

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From a press release:

The Wyoming Meth Project launched a 2015 statewide public art contest, Take a Stand Against Meth, that will leverage the creativity and passion of Wyoming’s youth to get the word out about the risks of methamphetamine use. The contest offers teens a way to be recognized for their artistic ability while learning about the dangers associated with Meth, and spreading the message to their peers and community.

Current data shows that many young people report that Meth is easy to get.  With Take a Stand Against Meth Art Contest, teens will continue to take a leading role in getting the word out to their peers so when faced with the opportunity to try this destructive drug, they make the right choice.

This contest follows on the success of 2013 Take a Stand Against Meth Art Contest that the Wyoming Meth Project sponsored with over 100 entries received from across the state.  The Daniel’s Fund is the major funder for this event focused on middle school and high school students across Wyoming.  The contest offers significant prize money to the top seven winners as selected by a panel of five judges from across the state.

“Proactive education by organizations like the Wyoming Meth Project, as well as by parents, caregivers, community leaders, educators, and young people themselves, is vital,” said Karen “Sparky” Turner, Senior Grants Program Officer, Daniels Fund.  “That is why the Daniels Fund proudly supports, Take a Stand Against Meth.  Wyoming’s future is too important for us to do anything less.”

About Take a Stand Against Meth

Take a Stand Against Meth is open to teens ages 13-18.  Entrants under 18 must have permission from their parent or guardian to participate.  Teens can enter individually or as the leader of a team.  To be eligible, each entry must be an original work of art, and have a strong anti-Meth message.  This can include the “Meth: Not Even Once” logo, tagline or any other anti-Meth theme.  Each entry shall identify a key anti-meth inspiration from a web page on MethProject.org.  Registration for the contest is online at www.wyomingmethproject.org or our Facebook page at “Wyoming Meth Project”.

Contestants must design and create their art piece and upload their submissions, including photos of completed artwork, a written description, and a link to their inspiration from MethProject.org, must be uploaded by 1 PM, Oct. 12, 2015, in order to meet the judging deadline.  First through seventh place winners will be selected as well as one People’s Choice winner based on the most number of votes on the website.  Winners will be announced in Casper on Oct. 30, 2015.  Prizes total $18,000, including $6,000 for first place, $3,000 for second place, $2,500 for third and fourth place, $1,500 for fifth place and $1,000 for sixth and seventh place.  The People’s Choice prize is $1,000.  To register, go to www.wyomingmethproject.org  for rules and eligibility requirements.

About the Wyoming Meth Project

Launched in April 2008, the Wyoming Meth Project, a not-for-profit organization headquartered in Casper, Wyoming, implements a range of advertising and community action programs aimed at reducing methamphetamine use in the state.  Combining extensive research with a hard-hitting, integrated media campaign, it has been repeatedly cited as an effective response to a devastating social problem.  For more information, visit Wyoming Meth Project.org

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