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Wyoming Poet Leaureate will deliver keynote at Winter Gathering Bookfair

Wyoming Poet Laureate Echo Roy Klaproth will be the keynote speaker and workshop leader for the fifth annual Winter Gathering Bookfair from 1-5 p.m. on Saturday, Jan. 18, at the Park County Public Library in Cody.

Her interactive session is called “It’s Done with Mirrors — Finding Voice in a Hazy, Crazy World.” It’s intended to help writers and artists answer the questions: “Why do I write or do what I do?” and “Do I have anything worth sharing?”

“For many of us the goal might be to simply have our voice expressed, while for others, it’s a desire or need to convey some message,” Klaproth said. “For me, it was a need to share a heritage and save the stories of a lifestyle.”

“The best way to get our message across — and have people feel that message is genuine and worth listening to — is to keep it real.”

“By being true to who you are every day in real life, you’ll write/create in a way that’s comfortable and familiar and thus help you develop your voice, the unique stamp or style that’s all your own.”

Sign up in the library lobby at 1500 Heart Mountain Street for Klaproth’s poetry workshop.

FMI: 307-527-1880

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