Wyoming Arts Council

Wyoming Writers, Inc., 2009 contest winners

Adult Fiction:
1. Castle Gardens: Daniel R. Lemon, Casper, WY
2. Rip Rap: Jerry Sanders, Buffalo, WY
3. Sold: L. G. Vernon, Cheyenne, WY
1st Honorable Mention. Anniversary Blues: Helena Linn, Big Piney, WY
2nd Honorable Mention. All In Good Time: Helena Linn
Special Honorable Mention. Signs: Lynn G. Carlson, Cheyenne, WY for a 99 word entry that was complete in every way.

1. A Female Mark Twain: Roxie Olmstead, Sheridan, WY
2. Time to Exalt The Lonely Toothbrush: Roxie Olmstead
3. Tooth Talk: Cynthia Bower, Casper, WY
1st Honorable Mention: The Little People: Habitats on the Moon, by Mary Beth Baptiste, Laramie
2nd Honorable Mention: Making Hay: Mary Beth Baptiste, Laramie, WY

Childrens Fiction:
1. Stuck in the Middle: Fred Savage, Rawlins, WY
2. The Rabbit in the Moon: Cynthia Bower, Casper
3. The New Baby: Zoe Kalber, Big Piney, WY
1st Honorable Mention: Is He Really Santa? Roxie Olmstead, Sheridan, WY
2nd Honorable Mention: Snapper: Jerry Sanders, Buffalo, WY

Creative Non-Fiction:
1. Toby and Aunt Leah: Pat Forbis, Modesta, CA
2. That One Kid, Bruce: Fred Savage, Rawlins, WY
3. It’s Not Me, It’s You: Jonny Clinton, Sheridan, WY
1st Honorable Mention. Live! Monster Truck (and Motocross), a Letter: Phyllis Dugan, Thayne, WY
2nd Honorable Mention. Dancing With the Muse: Lynn G. Carlson, Cheyenne, WY

1. Choosing the Good Parts… Ann Hoffmann Harris, Lander, WY
2. Leave Our Flag Alone: Michele Sherwood, Green River, WY
3. The History of a Small Place: Ann Hoffmann Harris
1st Honorable Mention. Does It Matter If God Exists: Cherie (CJ) Clark, Hardy, Ark.
2nd Honorable Mention. Nothin’ But My Spurs On: Sharon Salisbury O’Toole, Savery, WY

Free Verse Poetry:
1. Interdisciplinarian: Mary Kate McCarney, Casper, WY
2. Pending Migration: Meaghan #-L Elliott, Brighten, MI
3. Everyday Depravity: Mary Kate McCarney
1st Honorable Mention. Codge’n Sara’s Mercantile: Carol L. Deering, Riverton, WY
2nd Honorable Mention. Renascence: Bob Cherry, Cody, WY

1. The Near Death Windmill: Linda G. Vernon, Cheyenne, WY
2. Haunted: Vickie Goodwin, Douglas, WY
3. Mrs. America Candidate: Roxie Olmstead, Sheridan, WY
1st Honorable Mention. The Fandango Tango: Cherie (CUJ) Clark, Hardy, Ark.
2nd Honorable Mention. The Naked Bumper: Roxie Olmstead, Sheridan, WY

Memoir Segments:
1. Teton-Two-Step: Mary Beth Baptiste Laramie, WY
2. The Upper Limits of Normal:David R.Shlim, M.D. Kelly, WY
3. Wrong Number?: Cynthia Bower, Casper, WY
1st Honorable Mention: Logged Out: Barbara Jo Guilford, Cheyenne, WY
2nd Honorable Mention: Wellspring: an excerpt Sharon Salisbury O’Toole

Novel Segments:
1. The Inspector of Snow and Rain: Ann Hoffman Harris, Lander, WY
2. Dead Man, Talking: L. G. Vernon, Cheyenne, WY
3. On the Little Crazy: Steven R. Laird, Buffalo, WY
1st Honorable Mention. Trapping Jessie: L. G. Vernon, Cheyenne, WY
2nd Honorable Mention. Blood Talks: Pat Stuart, Powell, WY

Traditional Poetry:
1. An Epitaph: Charles w. Popovich, Sheridan, WY
2. Earthbound: Sharon Salisbury O’Toole
3. Cruel Wilt: Lee Ann Siebken, Douglas, WY
1st Honorable Mention. To Be A Mountain: Wanda Sue Smith, Wapiti, WY
2nd Honorable Mention. Power of Suggestion: Kathy Bjornestad, Sundance, WY

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