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Wyoming’s Mark Spragg: "I write and I rewrite. I’ve found it never gets easy"

Lander’s Susan Gray Gose profiles Cody author and screenwriter Mark Spragg in the latest issue of WyoFile.

Here’s the opening paragraphs:

Casper— A middle-aged carpenter in Wind City Books peppers Wyoming novelist Mark Spragg with questions about writing. How do you get started? How do you keep at it? How do you get published?

Spragg, who is in the small bookstore signing copies of his new novel, Bone Fire, tugs at his gray-streaked red beard and answers the man honestly: “I’m starting my fifth book now, and you’d think I have a whole box of tools to draw from, but I don’t. I write and rewrite and rewrite. I’ve found it never gets easy.”

The carpenter frowns.

But Spragg, who was put to work on his family’s dude ranch at age 11 and paid $1 a day, is not one to say there’s an easy route to publishing success.

Read the rest at http://wyofile.com/2010/06/mark-spragg-the-useful-life/

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