Wyoming Arts Council


Please note that we have transitioned from landlines to work cell phones. The main phone number 307-777-7742 remains the same. The new staff numbers have been updated below.

Michael Lange - Executive Director

Phone: 307-275-4476
Email: michael.lange@wyo.gov

Rachel Clifton - Assistant Director

Phone: 307-256-0500
Email: rachel.clifton@wyo.gov

Karen Merklin - Grants Manager

Phone: 307-214-7819
Email: karen.merklin@wyo.gov

Brittany Perez - Public Outreach and Events Coordinator

Phone: 307-214-2701
Email: brittany.perez@wyo.gov

Mary Billiter - Arts Education Specialist

Phone: 307-757-8806
Email: mary.billiter1@wyo.gov

Taylor Craig - Creative Arts Specialist

Phone: 307-274-6673
Email: taylor.craig@wyo.gov

Josh Chrysler - Folklorist and Health & Wellness Specialist

Phone: 307-256-2010
Email: joshua.chrysler@wyo.gov

Wyoming Arts Council

2301 Central Ave.
Barrett Building, Second Floor
Cheyenne, WY 82002