Wyoming Arts Council


The Wyoming Arts Council is currently not taking walk in appointments at our office in the Barrett building but constituents can still contact us via phone and email. 

Please note that we have transitioned from landlines to work cell phones.

New staff numbers have been updated below.

Michael Lange - Executive Director

Phone: 307-275-4476
Email: michael.lange@wyo.gov

Rachel Clifton - Assistant Director

Phone: 307-256-0500
Email: rachel.clifton@wyo.gov

Karen Merklin - Grants Manager

Phone: 307-214-7819
Email: karen.merklin@wyo.gov

Brittany Howell - Public Outreach and Events Coordinator

Phone: 307-214-2701
Email: brittany.howell@wyo.gov

Taylor Craig - Creative Arts Specialist

Phone: 307-274-6673
Email: taylor.craig@wyo.gov

Amara Fehring - Community Development and Arts Learning Specialist

Phone: 307- 630-3918
Email: amara.fehring@wyo.gov

Josh Chrysler - Folklorist and Health & Wellness Specialist

Phone: 307-256-2010
Email: joshua.chrysler@wyo.gov

Wyoming Arts Council

2301 Central Ave.
Barrett Building, Second Floor
Cheyenne, WY 82002