Wyoming Arts Council

Art Includes All Abilities

Art Can Take Many Forms

Art Touches All Ages

Art Reaches All Locations

May 1: Plein Air in the Park‘s Youth Division Painting Opens at Curt Gowdy

May 28: Creative Aging Project Grant Opens (May 28 – July 10)

May 31: Plein Air Curt Gowdy Early Bird Pricing Ends

June 3: 2024 Road Trip Playlist Announced

June 6: Creative Aging Convening

June 10: Fellowships (Visual Arts, Performing Arts, Creative Writing) Closes

June 16: Deadline for Camping Reservations for Plein Air at Curt Gowdy

June 19 – 23: Plein Air in the Parks – Curt Gowdy State Park

July 23-28: Underground Music Showcase – Denver

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