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Denice Wheeler is the author or co-author of 10 books, including "The Feminine Frontier" for which she won a national award, "The Mysteries of China Mary," "The Lonely Life: Basque Sheepherders in Wyoming," "From Frontier to Fame: Biography of Sculptor Cyrus E. Dallin," "Fascinating Stories from Wyoming, Utah, and Idaho," and others.

Ms. Wheeler graduated from Brigham Young University and did graduate study at the University of Utah. She has taught at the College of Eastern Utah, Carbon High School, South High School Salt Lake City, University of Utah, Utah State University, and both junior and senior high in Evanston.

She was chair of the Commission for Women in Wyoming and also the Division of Aging Board. She was a member of the Wyoming Library Board and the Wyoming Health Advisory Council. She has chaired many boards in Uinta County. Ms. Wheeler was the Editor of "Legacy Magazine" for the International Society of Daughters of the Utah Pioneers, with a membership of 22,000. She is presently Board President of this organization in Uinta County.

Her business life continues. She owns Western Discovery Van Tours and takes guests all over the U.S., Canada, and Europe. She has been to 54 countries and 49 states. She was the Women's Initiative Spokesperson for AARP for 14 years and continues to lecture on women's issues and her books. At present, she is editing several books for Western authors and encouraging high school students to pursue writing careers.