Wyoming Arts Council


Born 1965 in Pine Bluff, Arkansas, Barrie has been an independent professional artist since 1989 and a resident of Kirby, Wyoming since October 1994. He's a multidisciplinary artist and arts educator who began his career with fine art and documentary photography. His primary career focus since moving to Wyoming has been as picture frame designer, maker, carver, and gilder making frames exclusively for his wife's paintings. During 2016, Barrie returned to photography by developing new techniques for the medium as well as for gilding with his process of "Printing on Hand-Gilded Paper." He taught this pioneering technique at the 2017, 2018 and 2020 West Coast Art & Frame Expo in Las Vegas and published magazine articles about it in Picture Framing Magazine and The Gilder's Tip, which is the journal of the Society of Gilders. During 2018, he began reexamining his Arkansas Diaries portfolio wherein he discovered numerous images from this extensive 5-year documentary photography project that he'd never printed or shared publicly. A selection of these new images featured in a March 2020 12-page cover story spread in Arkansas Life magazine. Barrie has been awarded six Professional Development Grants from Wyoming Arts Council since 2005. He is a USMC veteran who served on active duty from 1984-1988 (Amphibious Reconnaissance) and in 1991 (Casualty Assistance Team) for Operation Desert Storm.