Wyoming Arts Council


I am a fiber artist. I work at the intersection of digital and handmade, creating works on fabric that are complex and rich in texture. My works explore intense color that intend to bring the natural world to the forefront for the viewer, thereby bringing joy. My process offers opportunities for vibrant, complex and intricate works in both two and three dimensions.
Marrying past and present, tradition and modern technology, along with a desire to grow in my fiber medium, I have recently been incorporating digital processes. Beginning with original photographs of flowers grown in my garden, I manipulate and further enhance the floral image using filters in Photoshop. I submit the file, which has been enlarged to the desired size, to a professional digital printing house. When the fabric, usually organic cotton sateen, is printed and returned to me, I take it through a time-consuming transformation where it is combined with silk work, embellishments, hand embroidery and intensive machine stitching to produce textured surfaces and rich detail. Having the fabric printed gives me the ability and flexibility to create larger works. Fiber is coming into its own!
My work sometimes takes on a life of its own, and I follow where it leads, enabling me to achieve unexpected, startling effects. Art should create joy to sustain us in this chaotic world.
“Experiment and grow” is my mantra.