Wyoming Arts Council


Jensen Art's enjoys creating Western Art. It is made up of a father, Carl and his two daughters Margaret and Emily. We have a studio outside of Wheatland, Wyoming.
Carl was raised on a ranch south of Lewistown, Montana. In 1974 he began farming and ranching near Wheatland, Wyoming. It was compatible with working on his painting and sculpture in the winter. He has life-size sculptures all over the United States and abroad.
His daughter Margaret was a k-12 art teacher at Glendo and Chugwater for 20 years. She recently changed to a fulltime artist. She works sculpture with her Dad, oil paints and does graphic design work.
Emily has been the middle school art teacher in Douglas, Wyoming for 28 years. Her highlights are pottery and photography.
If you are traveling in the Wheatland area and are interested in art, please call. The coffee pot is always on and it would be a privilege to have you stop so we can show you our work.