Wyoming Arts Council


Dan and I met and played some music in 2008 on an Army deployment. We're both full-time Army National Guardsmen and didn't meet up again until 2011 when Dan transferred to Cheyenne from Powell. We've been playing in bands since then and started the acoustic duo in 2016. We employ much of the same material we do with our 4-piece band, Six Gun Salmon, and have expanded on that repertoire every week. Our audiences love the variety of genres and styles ranging from 50s to right now. Our original songs fall somewhere between the blues, outlaw, classic rock and punk, as do our covers which cover a lot of ground. Cash to Collective Soul; America to Presidents of the United States of America; Chris Isaac to AC-DC; Dwight Yoakum to Dire Straits; Pink Floyd to Elvis; Muddy Waters to Guns n Roses; Janis Joplin to Tom Petty and all points in between. While everything we play is instantly recognizable, we do make it our own with tasteful harmonies, harmonica embellishment and virtuosic guitar leads from Dan. We've put the band on the back burner, though we are in the rotation at Cheyenne's biggest rock venue, the Peppermill. Mac n Dan currently plays steadily at Terry Bison Ranch, Sanfords and the Airport Golf Course in addition to other engagements. We have an excellent Bose PA system, fine Gibson and Takamine guitars and Mac plays Fender harmonicas. With our jobs, long road trips are not feasible, but we would like to expand our audience regionally. For a good time, check our number on the wall. PS, I checked some other boxes as I make my living as a photojournalist and publication designer, and am the go-to meme guy in the office