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Mandie Hines writes poetry and horror where she captures moments of vulnerability and strives to offer a glimmer of hope.

Mandie's debut poetry book "Origami Stars & Hot Air Moon" (Winter Goose Publishing, 2020), traverses through the process of grieving, finding an understanding of what loss is, and what it is not. The poems in this collection take you through a journey of reclaiming hope, remembering love, and rediscovering memories, while taking you down a path that eventually leads to healing.

In her debut thriller/horror novel "The Lost Always Take Off Their Shoes" (Winter Goose Publishing, 2022), Kaitlynn is drawn to the beauty of the forest right outside her small hometown in Washington. But there may be something to the urban legend she used to hear in school – some people go into the forest and never come out. You can learn more or contact Mandie through her website at www.mandiehines.com.

She promotes creative writing in the community. She’s the creator of the Facebook group Cheyenne Writers Community where writers share local writing events, find encouragement, and connect with other writers. She served four years on the WyoPoets' board as Vice President, President, and twice as Past President, respectively. She's hosted monthly poetry open mics for the past five years. She created and hosts WyoPoets' monthly Virtual Poetry Night and Spoken Word Poetry at The Hawthorn Tree on the second Sunday of every month at 1 p.m. She conducts poetry workshops for students, the elderly, and everyone in between to make poetry more accessible to read, write, understand, and perform.

She has many loves including family, reading, writing, hiking, and yoga. Frequently by her side is an animal, which was advertised as a Great Dane, but may in fact be a horse or possibly a Velociraptor. Evidence is mounting in favor of the latter.