Wyoming Arts Council


Born in Oregon, raised in a space between there and Alaska, to say that Amber Marie is comfortable in mountains and waterways is an understatement. Deeply rooted in herself is a love of nature, with its cyclic balance of life and death. Her current residence in Green River, Wyoming continues her love affair, with the Flaming Gorge, Grand Tetons, and Yellowstone Park a proverbial stone’s throw from her front yard.

A life long journey of drawing that started when she was young and tracing favorite cartoon images off of a television screen as an escape from growing up in an abusive household, has expelled into a project that delves into symbolic portraits that show the experience of living with, going through, and healing from trauma.

The pieces for her project are made predominantly of colored pencil on wood, with other medias mixed in as suits the work as it emerges. Working in this unique way to the fine art world gives a different feel and look to her images. They retain a hand-made mark while elevating pencil to a painting.