Wyoming Arts Council


Clint was born and raised in Wyoming and has lived most of his life in his native state. He is a gifted musician, singer, artist, and writer. His love for music began at an early age with playing the piano and has grown into a talented musician/singer that has touched many hearts through his passion for music.
Clint's art is a newer passion starting in the early 2000's, his art was in the Doubting Thomas Gallery Fellowship Show in Cleveland, Ohio and will also be at the Niobrara County Library the whole month of February with a meet and greet on February 7th at 5pm.
Clint has published a book of poetry, A Mad Poets Journey and is working on publishing his first non fiction book.
Clint worked at The Cleveland Museum of Art for many years allowing him to meet world renowned artists, musicians, and influential people. He was in the Cleveland music scene for 15 years playing in popular local bands and playing as a special guest for Iggy Pop.