Wyoming Arts Council

Arts Education Grant

To access Arts Education Grant final reports click here.

Programs must show potential to, or have a proven record of, providing learning experiences that increase knowledge and skills in one or more art forms.  This program supports:

  • Making the arts a basic component of curriculum
  • Developing and strengthening arts education curricula
  • Providing opportunities for professional artists to work in schools, institutions and community settings
  • Providing arts learning experiences for all ages
  • Obtaining expertise to help design new arts curricula, strengthen current programs or train teachers and administrators

Grant activities can range from a yearlong project to a series of related or unrelated projects, or a season of arts education programs.  Technical assistance projects, such as curriculum development and planning for arts education programs are also eligible.  Arts education programming should be designed to each specific arts learning goals, and evaluation methods should be designed to measure those goals.  It is recommended that evaluation include more than a count of attendees and subjective opinions, although anecdotal evidence can be a valuable form of evaluation.

  • If cash expenses for your project or series of projects total $5,000 or less, apply for an Arts Project grant.
  • If cash expenses for a single project total more than $5,000, you may request up to 30% of those expenses, not to exceed $2,500.
  • If cash expenses for your series of projects, multiple unrelated projects or yearlong programs  total more than $3,000, you may request up to 30% of those expenses, not to exceed $7,000.

Grant Information

Deadline: March 1, with draft deadline Feb. 15, 2015
Timeline: Project dates must fall between July 1, 2015 and June 30, 2016
Amount: Maximum request is $7,000
Match Requirements: Grants cannot exceed 30% of total cash expenses. In-Kind donations and services do NOT count as match in this program, but are recommended.
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