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88 more love poems

Saratoga poet Sophia Puccini’s second book of 88 more love poems is out. Titled Il Lupa (iUniverse), part of the dedication is “Love is always wild.”

From the book jacket:

The mysteries of the heart continue to intrigue, surprise, and warm the soul of Sophia Puccini–a woman who once dreamed of marrying The Gypsy Kings and running away with flamenco dancers. In her second collection of love poems, PUccinin shares her reflections on love written in both the U.S. and Italy during a three period.

Here is #50:

None of my explanations have satisfied you
I brace myself for my fate
The sun’s rotation sprays plasma
Across the universe

I listen to the water laughing all around me
The sky is my dance
And twists the sea into waves
Curling in the light

One hundred million movements of water and sun
The truth I wanted to discuss
Has adapted to magnetic field lines and solitude
And everything keeps moving

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