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"Aerial art" takes to the skies over Laramie during Butch Cassidy Days

Press release from our colleagues at Wyoming State Parks and Historic Sites:

The skies of Laramie will be painted with a multitude of colors as kite fliers from throughout the region are featured during this year’s Butch Cassidy Festival at the Wyoming Territorial Prison State Historic Site on Saturday, June 9, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Come see giant kites, some up to 525 square feet and some with 100 foot tails as well as stunt kites. Don’t forget a camera there will be plenty of “aerial art” to photograph!

Kids will have an opportunity to purchase kites, as well, or can bring their own and fly them in the wide open area at the event.

A “Kite Doctor” will also be on hand to help kids adjust their single line kite and help kids fly their kites!

This year’s Butch Cassidy Days will have numerous new activities featuring the kite demonstrations, search and rescue dogs, Wyoming wildlife identification, horse-drawn stagecoach rides, corn shelling, bouncy castle and more. Returning favorite activities are the kids’ money scramble, kids’ stick horse rodeo, a “prisoner” escape, petting zoo, as well as vintage cars and tractors.

“Butch Cassidy Festival is a community celebration that is designed to engage visitors of all ages with activities, entertainment and education,” Deborah Amend, site superintendent said. “Experience a day full of fun from kids’ kites running with the Bols, trick ropers to story time with Moose. Meet Butch Cassidy and a special guest appearance by Smokey the Bear.”

Author Larry Pointer will give a presentation in the afternoon on his newly released book “Butch Cassidy’s Story: Bandit Invincible” detailing the lives of Butch Cassidy and William Wilcox (aka William Phillips) a Butch Cassidy impersonator, who was imprisoned with Cassidy at the Wyoming Territorial Prison. Pointer is one of the leading experts on outlaw history and Butch Cassidy in North America.

For an evening of fun and good food, the public can stay for supper after the festival activities have ended with a Milk Can Dinner and musical entertainment in the Horse Barn Theater at 5:30 pm. Academy of Western Artist’s Female Performer of the Year Award winning songwriter Mary Kaye will be performing cowboy and outlaw songs.

“My western music differs from country music.We have much to celebrate here in the West and we deserve our own music that celebrates who we are and honors our wild and wooly past.” Mary Kaye said.

Admittance to Butch Cassidy Festival is Adults $5, students ages 12 to 17 is $2.50 and children 11 and under free. The Milk Can Dinner and Musical Show have limited seating and tickets cost $20.

Wyoming Territorial Prison State historic Site is located at 975 Snowy Range Road in Laramie. Open daily 8 a.m.to 7 p.m. admission charged for event.

For more information on Butch Cassidy Festival go to http://www.wyomingterritorialprison.com/

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