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Attending literary conference is good for you

From Mike Shay:

Several Wyomingites have raised the issue of the high number of cases of swine flu being reported by the media in Natrona County. In other words, will I catch swine flu (H1N1) by going to the Casper College Literary Conference next week?

I was at Casper College yesterday for the conference’s final planning meeting. Didn’t see anyone wearing masks. Didn’t see hordes of swine-flu-infected students trudging zombie-like through campus. I did hear one sneeze in the distance, but it may have been the wind.

The threat seems a bit overblown. Some great writing workshops by fine writers are planned and there’s the fellowship reading combined with a chili feed on Saturday. What could be better than poetry and chili on a fall Saturday?

The literary conference planning committee has promised to be especially vigilant next week watching out for an influx of germs.

Call me at 307-777-5234 if you have any questions.

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