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BBHC has new Whitney Gallery blog

From a Buffalo Bill Historical Center press release:

Whitney Gallery of Western Art Curator Mindy Besaw is now writing a weekly blog.

Besaw has adopted the blog to chronicle the reinstallation of the Whitney gallery. “Progress on the renovation and reinstallation is moving rapidly,” Besaw says, “and this is a great way to keep everyone updated on our activities.”

Cody Firearms Museum Curator David Kennedy has long planned a blog to communicate with historians and firearms enthusiasts, and on October 7, 2008, the firearms blog was up and running. “This is a great means by which we can reach the constituency of the Cody Firearms Museum,” Kennedy explains. “It gives us a chance to ‘lift the veil’ and talk about not only what we do, but how we do it and why.”

With its many illustrations and photos, the Whitney’s reinstallation blog provides an inside track on the developments and progress of the reinstallation. Besaw takes the reader through the closing of the gallery, removal of artwork, demolition of the interior walls, design and creation of a new gallery, reinstallation of artwork, and reopening of the gallery in June 2009. “We update the blog each week with current activities,” Besaw says. “In addition, the blog features insight into how artwork is selected for installation, plans for interpretation, and updates on design of the gallery.”

The Whitney Gallery of Western Art opened in 1959, and as part of its 50th Anniversary in 2009, the gallery is redefining its presentation and interpretation of western American art. “We closed the Whitney on October 1 in preparation for this complete renovation and reinstallation of the gallery,” Besaw remarks. “However, a good number of the most popular paintings and sculptures are on display elsewhere in the historical center, particularly in the special exhibitions area and the Cody Firearms Museum breezeway. We open again on June 21, 2009.”

Kennedy notes that the goals for the Cody Firearms Museum Blog are to “inform our friends and the public about some of the day-to-day of the institution.” As he puts it, “Museum operations go well beyond ‘getting to play with all of the stuff,’ as some people have described their expectations. Meetings, research, conferences, lectures, object conservation, donor interaction, and other duties are included in our daily routine. Showing this side of our jobs will allow for a greater understanding of what museums do and increase the public appreciation for museums everywhere.” Visitors to the firearms blog may also leave comments or questions.

To visit the Whitney blog, go to www.bbhc.org/wgwa and click on the blog link. For the firearms blog, visit www.bbhc.org/firearms and click on the blog link there. The Buffalo Bill Historical Center, an Affiliate of the Smithsonian Institution, is open 10 a.m. – 5 p.m. Thursday through Sunday, closed Monday – Wednesday.

For general information, visit www.bbhc.org or call 307.587.4771.

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