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Blizzard poetry

A timely poem for all who have gotten slammed (an will be again, it looks like) with the roar of high plains spring weather. Chris has been writing poetry forever and she also manages the newsletter for WyoPoets.

A Western Non-Spring
This week all springy
Temps above forty
And lilacs show bud

Tuesday next a storm
Will come howling in from the west
Temperatures drop
Tons of wet snow blanket
River, ranch and arroyo

We’ve seen it all before
Can’t protect the trees
Can’t avoid the inevitable power cut
Life without heat
Unable to flush the toilet
TV screen black and blank

Better stock up on tapes
Garrison Keillor
Hitchcock mysteries
Water to flush
And a myriad of canned soup
In the west there is no spring

© C. Valentine 3/19/2009

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