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Caleb Bristol is a multi-instrumentalist, producer and composer based in Laramie, WY

We sat down with Caleb to talk about inspiration and the creative process. Here’s what unfolded.

What drew you to creating music?

  • Both of my parents were musicians and are a part of what I listen to, so they showed me a lot of music that I like now, like Kate Wolf, George Harrison, and King Crinson. My dad got me David Bowie’s “Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders From Mars” when I was younger, and I was in love.  When you’re an adult, things like Bowie’s music still get to you in a lot of ways.I have been playing cello for sixteen years, which gave me a foot up into doing music. When I was small, I was always attracted to strange noises.  It didn’t matter if it was a kids toy or scattered dialogue on the television, it was something I wanted to mess with or had invested interest in.  I used to have a toy when I was younger that had letters of the alphabet and several shapes you could press that had a voice saying what they were. Kind of like the videos of people messing with Sesame Street toy phones and other toys that have that feature.  I would continuously press an arrow shaped button on the toy that said “arrow”. If I kept a steady repitition, I would be able to get it to go from “arrow” to “a row” or “I know”.
  1. Can you briefly describe your creative process?
  • Dissociating what I hear on the outside (past experiences, shows, anything around Laramie).  I deconstruct the final product inside my head, and samples from my phone or a video from the internet.  Later, I splatter my digital audio canvas with those ideas to start something new. The track, “Day”, uses a samples I took from a Doris Day song.  
  1. What do you love about creating music in Wyoming?
  • Wyoming is filled with a lot of strange things.  I’m inspired by all of them.

Check out Caleb’s music on bandcamp now: https://calebbristol.bandcamp.com/

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