Wyoming Arts Council

Call for entries: Lander Art Center juried show

From Dannine Donaho at the Lander Art Center:

At a conference where an artist once spoke about her work in detail, the audience laughed out loud when halfway through she said, “As it turns out, I’m from Pittsburgh.” After learning so much about her artwork it seemed perfectly fitting that her large steel sculptures would be influenced by this historically industrial city.

Many of us make an exodus at some point in our lives– to seek out a life of our own. Those who don’t make an exodus might gladly identify with their background. Either way, our roots often appear in subtle and interesting ways even if we don’t intend for it to happen or notice until later.

In this exhibition: “As it turns out, I’m from…” The object is to connect your artwork to your roots. The connection may be as simple as the artist mentioned above from Pittsburgh who makes large steel sculptures. Or it may be a connection more direct like painting place related childhood memories or using found objects from your hometown. The interpretation of the connection is in the hands of the artist. Your “home” can be a city, state, country, culture or even a state of mind. 

Whatever the connection, the LanderArtCenter wants you to discover it and share it with us. Link for more info: http://www.landerartcenter.com/juriedshow

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