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College students interested in the arts face tough choices when choosing a major

Excellent article by Cody Porter in today’s Branding Iron about some of the tough choices college students face as they consider majors. Often it’s a choice between passion and practicality:

Some of the most unconventional and creative pursuits in education, work and life can become the most successful. For the college-age individual, income and money too often become a higher priority than creativity. This may be partially because of the decline of the economy and the specter of student loan debt many of them face. Financial stress too often leads students to choose a major based on potential income, rather than following passions.

Each person’s own vision of the “American Dream” and what it means to be happy. While everyone needs to make a living, wealth and power should not necessarily be a person’s key focus. Somewhere along the line many make a decision to follow a heartfelt dream to do what they love, rather than following common sense or social norms of our time.

One University of Wyoming student, Dan Higgins, is pursuing a passion that does not exactly follow the ideal of financial security of many other college students. Higgins, whose father had also attended UW, was only 17 when he came here last year from San Francisco on an alumni scholarship. His initial choice for a major was criminal justice. Higgins said he felt that major and career path would provide job security.

Read the entire article at http://www.brandingirononline.info/2012/03/08/student-goes-against-grain-follows-heart/

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