Wyoming Arts Council

Folk Arts Apprenticeship Program Grantees

Six Wyoming individuals will have an opportunity to pass on their talents in various folk arts to a younger generation thanks to the 2007 Folk Arts Apprenticeship Grant program. This year’s grant recipients will help nurture and strengthen Wyoming’s diverse traditional heritage in its most natural community setting such as in garage workshops, community halls and homes.
Folk art is the traditional art, music, knowledge and practices that are circulated through oral communication and example over a period of time. Folk artists reflect, communicate and help maintain the identity of a particular community through the practice of their art form.

This year’s recipients are:
William Chippewa of Fort Washakie, who will teach his grandson, Patrick Thayer, the appropriate steps in creating a Shoshone war shield, from gathering materials to the painting and meaning of articles on the shield. Chippewa and Thayer meet weekly and will continue through October.

Cleo Goggles of the Wind River Reservation will teach her daughter, Linda Goggles, the art of beading a Shoshone man’s vest, which might be used for pow-wows, graduations and social functions. The project continues through October.

Mary Maynard of Laramie will teach Isobel Nichols the techniques of tatting – the art of using a shuttle, thread and square knot to create lace art. The apprenticeship continues through October.

Jack Mease of Lander will teach Mike Alley the craft of fine rawhide and leather braiding to create cowboy horse gear. Their work will continue through August.

Sally O’Connor of Elk Mountain will teach Maria Foster of Cheyenne the various forms and styles of splint/reed basket weaving and chair caning. The two meet on weekends and will continue their project through the summer.

Reba Jo Teran of Fort Washakie will teach her niece, Georgietta Teran Acebo, and friend, Rory Tendore, to make traditional Shoshone saddle trappings, which include saddle pommel ornaments, martingale and stirrup decorations. The project continues through October.

Applications for next year’s grant will be available in August and due in November. For more information, please contact Anne F. Hatch, Folk and Traditional Arts Specialist at 307-777-7721 or ahatch@state.wy.us.

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