Wyoming Arts Council

Good news for WAC grantees — along with some important reminders!

The majority of the Fiscal Year 2014 award packets that were approved by the WAC board in June have been mailed out to grantees. If your organization has not received your two-pocket award folder by August 15, please contact the WAC.

The Subgrantee Award Agreement should be signed and returned to the WAC as soon as you receive it, so we can process your grant payment in a timely manner. All grantees that used a Fiscal Sponsor must have the Fiscal Sponsor provide one of the two required signatures on the Agreement. If your organization has not received a payment from the State of Wyoming in the past two years, then complete the WOLFS 109a form and mail it to the WAC with your Subgrantee Award Agreement.

A WOLFS 109b form is also provided in each award folder, but it only needs to be completed if your organization wants to make a change (except changing their legal name) to how your organization currently appears in the WOLFS database, i.e., change your address, sign up to receive state payments via Electronic Funds Transfer, etc. If you are completing a new WOLFS 109a form, then you should make all changes on that form, instead of completing a WOLFS 109b form.

ATTENTION GRANTEES! Due to a recent change in the Attorney General’s office, the Organization Name (or Fiscal Sponsor name, if used) must now appear exactly the same in the following three state databases:

-The Secretary of State registry (SOS registry), where organizations register to become a Wyoming non-profit organization
-The State of Wyoming Wolfs Database (WOLFS), where all state payments are issued
-The WAC’s e-granting system, which generates the Subgrantee Award Agreement that the Attorney General’s office approves, and is then mailed to grantees in the award folder.

Due to the fact that these three databases do not interact with each other, steps need to be taken to ensure that each organization’s name appears the same in all three systems, so that grant payments can be processed correctly. The WAC has changed the legal name in our e-granting system for all Organizations (or Fiscal Sponsors, if used) who will be receiving FY 2014 funding, so the name should now match the name in the SOS registry. This is the name that will appear on the Subgrantee Award Agreement.

If the Organization (or Fiscal Sponsor name, if used) that appears on the Subgrantee Award Agreement is different from the name that appeared on previous state payments your organization received from the state, then you should submit a new WOLFS 109a form to change the name to match the name in the SOS registry. The WAC is not able to provide you with the name your organization registered under in the state database, so if you are not sure what name your organization has been receiving state payments under, complete a new WOLFS 109a form. Doing this now will expedite the processing of your grant payment. Mail the WOLFS 109a form to the WAC with your signed Subgrantee Award Agreement in the S.A.S.E. that is included in your award folder. If you are sure that your organization’s name appears the same way in all three systems, then you do not need to send us a WOLFS 109a form.

This information only applies to 501c3 non-profit organizations, and does not apply to government organizations who receive WAC funding, since they do not have to register with the Secretary of State’s office.

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