Wyoming Arts Council

"Jentel Presents" May 1 at Sagebrush Community Arts Center

The Jentel Artist Residency Program is pleased to present this month’s residents in an event open to the public. “Jentel Presents” will take place Tuesday, May 1, 5:30-7:00 pm at Sagebrush Community Art Center, at 5th and Broadway. This month’s presenters include a mixed media artist, a fiction writer, a poet, an installation artist, a graphite/acrylic drawer, and an oil painter. “Jentel Presents” is a community outreach program that features visual presentations and readings by the visual artists and writers at the residency.

Presenters include: Julie Alexander, Seattle, WA; A mixed media artist, Julie has an image in her head that ranges from the personal to the political: her tendency to solitude, her need to connect to a landscape, a distrust of suburbia, a desire to bridge the constructed gap between humans and nature, excrement and Ajax. José Faus, Overland Park, KS; A fiction writer, Jose is curious by nature, a traveler by inclination, he paints, writes, discusses with and engages strangers, family and friends in order to understand more and conceal less. Alec Hershman, St. Louis, MO; A poet, Alec was raised in Michigan and currently lives and teaches in St. Louis. He spent two years writing a grammar of an under documented Ghanaian language called Dagbani before turning his attentions to poetry. Gail Howard, Seattle, WA; An installation artist, Gail grew up on a ranch in California’s gold rush country. She has traveled to 25 countries and especially loves Asian food and culture. Yvonne Puffer, Brooklyn, NY; Using graphite and acrylic, Yvonne draws. Born to a loving mother and a stern father, siblings tumbling after, she grew up on her grandparents’ farm, well-read, headstrong. Years later, she draws on it all to understand. Laura Way Wathen, Hamilton, MT; An oil painter, Laura spent her childhood making art, knowing the shocking impermanence of known landscape & fragility of humanity, her interests include: Buddhism, travel (Europe, India), reading. Her passions are children and family. She is married with one son.

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